Hello and welcome to Dongnaba – Master of dance and drum

About Dongnaba

Dongnaba is a name that was given to me, by my grandmother, when I was a young boy. In Mandinka it means: master of Senegalese dance, drum and song. My love for rhythm and teaching has bought me to the UK to celebrate African dance and drumming internationally. Based in North London, I have been teaching and performing in the UK since 2014, personalising my interactive style, which is appropriate for all ages. Children especially love the interaction with drums and song and especially enjoy the call and response technique.

Dance and Drumming Health Benefits

Children benefit from the rhythm and activeness of drumming. Teachers have noticed an increased level of interest and engagement when they take part in drumming and dance. They report that the ‘Sound Therapy’ sessions that are offered are beneficial for SEND and EAL pupils. Sound therapy is the coming together of people together to restore mental and physical wellbeing.

Drumming is an active art and is a proven method of healing for mental health and mobility. Psychology Today has used the headline “The Heart is a Drumming Machine: Drumming as a Therapy.” continuing, ” Older generations benefit significantly from the elevated heart rate and interactions when drumming.” It’s a social instrument that can be played in large groups, individually or even in pairs. For some people it creates a supportive and collaborative musical harmony and for others it comes from the physical act of drumming and simultaneously with ones own emotional experience (Psychology Today, 2015).

Happy customers

“Over the last couple of years, Papis has been helping us coordinate our Black History Month in St Paul’s school, Wood Green. Not only are his workshops educational and engaging, but the children are captivated by the simple use of his call and response technique. I would highly recommend Papis to any school, business or friend.”

– Oliver Rose, Class Teacher. 

“Papis has taught my two children 1 to 1 drumming sessions over the past 2 years. He is passionate, professional and enthusiastic and they thoroughly enjoy it!”

– Fleur Waters, Mother of two.

“For my mum’s birthday, we hired Papis to do a performance. My mum came to the UK from Ghana and was overjoyed by the experience. She was quick to get up and dance and even watched on as the grandkids got involved, laughing and dancing. I can totally see how this is perfect for good mental health!

– Margaret Ackah